Business Consultant
I have always loved Transactional Analysis. I’ve known Mida for many years and when I learned about the Ota Academy, I just had to participate. The course’s value lies in the trainers’ great professionalism and love for Transactional Analysis, as well as the strength of our wonderful group.
Ota Academy is a place of learning and sharing. It’s an opportunity for both personal and professional growth and development. It gives you efficient working tools to simplify complexity.


Store Manager
I started this course at the OTA Academy to gain greater skills during a period of change in my professional life. I was seeking greater communication efficiency and more energy. I found that both things increased gradually over time and were enhanced by the passion, professionalism and competence of all the trainers. An essential course, I’d say almost compulsory for everyone.


Field application manager
I have been working in technologically advanced sectors for over twenty years. More than anywhere else, decisions should rest on scientific methods and facts, however, over time, I realized that actually there are other, non-evident, forces that drive them. Urged by the desire to understand the actual dynamics within an organization that determine its decisions and policy, I approached Transactional analysis and the Ota Academy, in particular.
It’s a process of awareness which, session after session, helped radically change the perspective on myself and others, favouring a new, more sincere and effective way of relating to others, which in my view fully meets the requirements of present-day collaborative work patterns.


HR Generalist
Besides being a wonderful life experience, the course at the OTA Academy is a learning process about oneself, interactions with others and the way of interacting at organization level that helps me focus my attention on communication to foster professional and personal success and well-being. During this process, I discovered the power of the group in supporting and accompanying growth. It’s really a wonderful process of professional and personal growth!


HR and Organisation Director
I decided to attend the course at a time of substantial change, including in my career. I remember well my first module, where an assessment had to be made of whether my skills profile and my personality were suitable to the group that would be set up following participants’ selection. This was undoubtedly an important process, but even more important is the strength that TA theories and approach lay upon the “group”, causing each group member to swiftly react for the benefit of everyone. Amazing. You notice at once the scope and effectiveness of this approach and immediately learn to analyse the relationship system (transactions) and the profiles of those involved. Participants benefit at once from the “tools” that are made available to them for the whole duration of the course to make sure they are used in the most appropriate way. These tools are well suited to the business environment (for which they were created) and could potentially turn into a system to increase the effectiveness of every set of “transactions”. The simple (but not simplistic) theories are taught by passionate trainers with an extremely practical approach, allowing participants to become completely involved also at an emotional level. The internationally-recognised qualification that participants obtain at the end of the course makes it particularly suitable to those who wish to develop the necessary skills to manage organisational change: an added value not only for organisational experts but also for all those who have top-level positions.


Director HR HQ and Training & Development EMEA
I chose OTA Academy because I wanted to know more about topics of particular interest to me, while learning to use additional tools to recognise and manage organisational dynamics in a constructive and ethical way. This training course is allowing me not only to improve my professional effectiveness but also to better understand and manage daily personal interactions. Besides being extremely happy with the human aspect, on the teaching side I particularly appreciate the trainers’ passion, expertise and knowledge. I also like the fact that the group is not too large and is only made of people having an organisational background, although covering different positions, which allows us to complement each other and makes learning easier. Finally, I enjoy being taught through a variety of methods, which makes each module an event to look forward to and keeps participants well focused.


International Marketing Director
Attending the Academy is extremely stimulating: on the one hand, it improves your self-awareness and leadership styles, on the other, it creates the conditions for a greater management and communication effectiveness within your team. Furthermore, the trainers’ passion, energy and great expertise create an atmosphere that fosters involvement and sharing among all participants, enhancing their learning. I particularly appreciated the trainers’ flexibility with those who have work or family commitments, who can catch up on missed modules. This is what makes the Academy really accessible!


Network Resource Development Manager
The process I undertook by attending the OTA Academy is giving me the opportunity to increase awareness of my way of relating to others and providing me with the necessary tools to improve my relational effectiveness. I think that, for anyone working in a business, this skill should be increasingly developed and strengthened to improve organizational well-being too.
The strength of the team made every exchange even more fruitful, thanks to the discussions with other trainees and the ensuing positive dynamics. The numerous stimuli I received from the extremely competent and engaging trainers made every session richer and more interesting.


Sales specialist
The first impression you have of the OTA Academy is: healthy environment, extremely positive and whose theory is based on well-define ethical principles that become the pillars of thoughts and behaviours.
You develop all these thoughts by attending the course. All this is possible thanks to the highly qualified trainers who make lessons interactive and engaging; thanks to the members of the group, each of whom does not hesitate to share personal experiences; and thanks to myself and my desire to learn more and more.
I recommend attending this course for a “simple” reason: facilitating your personal and working life thanks to Transactional Analysis!!!


Sales specialist
I discovered the OTA ACADEMY during a course it organised at my company and I was literally won over: month after month, I was able to discover Transactional Analysis and the innumerable opportunities of applying it to improve the effectiveness of relations between people both in and out of the company.


Product manager insurance
Within my family, transactional analysis has been in the air since I was a child and when I learned about the Ota Academy, it really seemed a tailor-made opportunity for me!
The Ota Academy has given me the opportunity to embark on a first and foremost personal as well as professional journey, an individual and also group process, that helps me be more attuned to myself and my energies, understand myself and others within the “power” of group. I feel that the Ota Academy has given me skills that help me work better, being more aware of myself and others.


Distributors, boutiques and Travel Retail Logistic Manager
I learned about transactional analysis during a business course. I fell in love with this simple and readily implemented technique, and realised I had only skimmed over it. When Daniela’s school was set up, it seemed only natural to enrol. The course started three months ago. Three compelling modules. Each one is a step towards self-awareness and the ability to choose how to relate to others. Thinking of how much freedom I have is exhilarating…


Retail Manager, Italy and Spain
As soon as I decided to attend this training course, it was clear to me that I was about to embark in a new journey, perhaps one of the most complex ones because it had to start from me. I set off on the path that led me to a conscious personal growth, I learned to use new practical tools that will make my professional relationships even more effective. Most of my work has to do with people management and, to me, this is a great responsibility and a wonderful opportunity. I therefore feel that TA will enable me to value each individual relationship in the right way.


Business facilitator, consultant and trainer
I didn’t know Mida, nor about OTA Academy’s courses. It was a friend who introduced me to this opportunity, which proves that things happen at the right time if you are flowing with the right energies. Our trainers’ expertise, professionalism and warm welcome, as well as the positive energy and atmosphere in our group, are greatly contributing to our growth. A real reward for my personal and professional life.


Talents and Organization Effectiveness Manager
I have been attending OTA Academy’s course and recommend it to those who are searching through the wide range of training options on offer in the field of coaching. This course is for those who want to use organisational techniques in their direct relations with both coachees and other stakeholders in the organisation, because it provides participants with the tools to achieve a better mutual understanding and makes interpersonal dynamics more effective. Those who wish, may also obtain an international qualification. The course stands out for its trainers’ professionalism and expertise, which for me was a prerequisite, given the current lack of good training courses. The environment created among participants reflects my personal style: respect, acceptance, listening, curiosity and ideas. We come from organisations with different managerial styles and cultures, and our diversity enriches our discussions and strengthens learning. I strongly recommend this course to those who, as both HR executives and managers, wish to use coaching as a tool to increase their effectiveness in their organisations.